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Are you going to move to Brno and need a house or flat? Or are you looking for a suitable property as an investment?
Do not hesitate to contact our experienced agents who are ready to help and have perfect knowledge of written and spoken English.

Mgr. Petr Němec

Certifikovaný makléř 2. stupně

I do take care of my clients in the area of real estate services from A to Z. I always look for the best solution for them when selling/buying houses, apartments, land plots and recreational properties. I can offer reliability, openness and trust, which I consider very important. I speak Czech, English or Norwegian.
I like to spend my free time outdoors, I am an active player of floorball and for more than 20 years I also enjoy playing the guitar.

Advantages of buying real estate in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the heart of Central Europe and we give you at least five reasons why to consider investing in properties.

  • Buying a property in the Czech Republic is relatively easy and fast. Transfer of ownership may be settled within one to two months. There is no special documentation needed from foreigners.
  • Properties in the Czech Republic are highly profitable and when buying a flat, a house or plot of land you can expect that the investment will return in just few years. This is especially valid for the capital city of Prague where thousands of new homes are built annually, with their value increasing every year.
  • Another big advantage of buying real estate here is the recent high demand for real estate. Your dream home or apartment can be easily purchased for an affordable price. In case you need to sell one, it wouldn’t last too long, not even a month.
  • You can choose from wide variety of properties. There are new and old apartments, historic buildings, hotels, lands, forests, etc. In Czech Republic those interested in real estate will satisfy their unique needs and simply get what they need in both private housing or for their business.
  • Last but not least we should mention more than affordable prices of real estates in the Czech Republic. Compared to the other European countries, housing here can be still purchased relatively easily and at low cost.

What are the obligations of foreigners when buying real estate in the Czech Republic?

  • According to Act No. 254/2004 Coll. on limitations of cash payments, it is forbidden to pay more than CZK 270000 in cash in one day. Payments above this amount must be made only on a non-cash basis. The limitation also applies to other currencies.
  • When buying a property, the so-called tax on the acquisition of immovable property (formerly a real estate transfer tax) must be paid. The rate of this tax is 4% of the property price, and the obligation to pay is on the buyer of the property since 01/11/2016.

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